Thursday, June 11, 2015

Updates - WEDNESDAY? June 10, 2015

Hello Jammers! Koala here today with a very late post, a whole day!
The new update is very strange if I do say so myself.. was released on a Wednesday!
Well, let's hop into this new update!
All new PET PIGLETS! ^.^ Hue, so adorable.
According to AJHQ, Pet Piglets love to dress up in silly costumes.
Anywho, we also have a new party for owls and eagles- Cloud Party!
You can buy splendid rainbow items here.
A new adventure for all Jammers has arrived!
And the last - but not least - update is the new animal...
(Twaimz will be happy with these update, haha.)
Quite marvelous, indeed. 
A bountiful update! But off time.. it was still posted on a WEDNESDAY.
That's all for today Jammers!

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