Monday, June 29, 2015

(Late!) Updates! Freedom, Llamas and More! June 26, 2015

Hello! It is Koala here today and I am already in the freedom spirit!
AJHQ must be, also. They brought in the Freedom Party, Freedom Plushies at the Summer Carnival, and Freedom Items at the Freedom Party! That's a lot of freedom..
New items (not the old fireworks!) at that party, too.
As for clothing-
  • Freedom Mohawk (700 Gems - there was a glitch where it was zero, patched)
  • Freedom Hula Skirt (600 Gems - orange with bright red, white, and blue flowers)
  • Freedom Hood with Feather (650 Gems - red hat with blue and white feather)
  • Freedom Panda, Cat, Bunny, Lion, Monkey, and Chicken Hat (400-800 Gems)
Sorry - I don't have a picture for the clothing!
Here is the Jamaa Journal ad for the Freedom Party and the den items.

Have you heard? LLAMAS have made their way o Jamaa!
Although, they are 10 Diamonds in the Diamond Shop.
Last, but not least, AJHQ put out a PET CONTEST!
Vote for elephant, armadillo, or peacock.
I personally like elephant the best, so cute!
That's all for Koala today, Jammers!

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