Sunday, March 15, 2015

Clover Skirts!

Hello jammers! Koala here today.
We have a new item in Bahari Bargains! The Clover Skirt.
Sorry no gifs today. I was up very late last night and rushed to the computer this morning. Heh, well anyway, here's the skirt.
Erm, the skirt doesn't look too great, but it'll do.
The last day for the Heart Necklace also from Bahari Bargains!
I actually like this item, pretty.
Over on the Daily Explorer, (, Graham reminds of..
It seems very fun, I might just enter! For the art category of course.

Some great submissions have already been featured on the Daily Explorer.
That's it for today Jammers!

Send glitches to for a chance to be featured here!
P.s. sorry for the late post, as mentioned above.

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